The Origins of Fatigue

The origins of fatigue are many and varied. The onset of stress, infection, inflammation, poor nutrition, heavy metal toxicity, use of certain medications, obesity, low thyroid function, low testosterone and insomnia are all drivers of fatigue. When it comes to nutritional factors that can contribute to fatigue, a lack of protein and essential vitamins and minerals combined with the consumption of fast food and poor stomach acid can impair our ability to live our life to its full potential. However, what we eat is often the result of how we respond to stress, developing poor lifestyle habits in the process. Excess consumption of coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoking, sugar and chocolate, takeaway meals, poor vegetable intake, lack of exercise and relaxation time is most likely  to be the habits we form as a way to combat the stress unfolding in our lives. Hence, work-life balance is essential for physical and mental health.

Hobson, C.J., Delunas, L. & Kesic, D. 2009. Compelling evidence of the need for corporate work/life blance initiatives: results from a national survey of stressful life events. Journal of Employment Counselling, 38, 1, 38-44.

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