Lactium improves sleep

Sleep disorders represent an important risk to health, with recent studies indicating that sleep debt can facilitate the development of chronic metabolic disorders including obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Lactium is a peptide formed from the hydrolysis of alpha-s1-casein by the enzyme trypsin and has been shown to have calming effects (Guesdon, Messaoudi, Lefranc-millot, Fromentin, Tome, & Even, 2006). In short, it is a natural ingredient made from cow's milk protein that has been shown to significantly improve various aspects of sleep disorders. In a recent study, researchers from the National Institute of Agronomique, Paris, investigated the putative effects of lactium on rats exposed to chronic stress (Guesdon, Messaoudi, Lefranc-millot, Fromentin, Tome, & Even, 2006). In this study it was found that rats exposed to chronic stress suffered shortened sleep durations and reductions in slow wave (deep) sleep. However, rats exposed to chronic stress, who were administered lactium showed no sleep disruptions. It is reported that lactium contains anxiolytic properties, which is not surprising when we consider that sleep disorders are categorised as an anxiety related disorder.

Guesdon, B., Messaoudi, M., Lefranc-millot, C., Fromentin, G., Tome, D. & Even, P.C. 2006. A tryptic hydrolysate from bovine milk alpha-s1-casein improves sleep in rats subjected to chronic mild stress. Peptides, 27, 6, 1476-1482.

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