Better vitamin D status, better weight loss

Vitamin D is necessary for multiple cellular processes, including the regulation of body weight, glucose tolerance and ovarian function. In a recent study, researchers from Purdue University investigated the impact of vitamin D on total energy production, fat oxidation, and thermic effect of a meal during a weight loss trial (Teegarden, White, Lyle, Zemel, Loan, Matkovic, Craig & Schoeller, 2008). In this study, 24 overweight women, aged 18 to 31, undertaking a hypocaloric diet, had their vitamin D status measured at baseline and at 12 weeks. The results of this study found that women with higher vitamin D levels showed increased thermic activity following meal consumption compared to women with low vitamin D status.

Teegarden, D., White, K.M., Lyle, R.M., Zemel, M.B., Van Loan, M.D., Matkovic, V., Craig, B.A. & Schoeller, D.A. 2008. Calcium and dairy product modulation of lipid utilisation and energy expenditure. Obesity, 16, 7, 1566-1572.

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