My name is Leah. I’m a 33 year old, mother of five. After my traumatic- fifth delivery, my health rapidly descended. That was when I discovered Mark Hinchey.
I had been having phone consults with Mark for the past 10-12months, and he had been treating me for Candida over-growth as well as adrenal-fatigue and other minor aliments.


I found his approach exceedingly thorough. He never continued to the next step or made final conclusions until he knew exactly what was going on in my body, using various blood analysis and biological testings. His knowledge and dedication for the health of others is outstanding.


I had much success with Marks treatments! They worked! I now have NO yeast over-growth, my energy levels are at least 70% better than before, and I have a better, more clearer understanding as to what is going on in my body and what to look out for in the future!


L. Perry (Gladstone, Queensland)