I had depression and hypertension and was taking medication for both. I was experiencing unpleasant side effects from the medications such as pain (especially headaches, back, shoulders, neck and foot pain), insomnia and lethargy. These side effects stopped me from exercising regularly and my cravings for unhealthy food was also contributing the lethargy and pain. I was hoping to deal with my health issues naturally and to stop taking the medications.


I am no longer on anti-depressants or blood pressure medication. Although I still suffer from depression, I have the knowledge to be able to identify when my depression is taking over and now know what I need to do to stabilise myself through mindfulness, exercise and most importantly nutrition.


Mark educated me on nutrition and how to eat to 1) feel better and reduce my pain, 2) lose weight and have more energy and 3) reduce my blood pressure and prepare my body for ceasing my medication. He never had unrealistic expectations of me and his enthusiasm, encouragement and support was extremely motivating. This was an enourmous achievement for me and I would never have got to this point without Mark's help. Thanks Mark 🙂


T. Wright (Adelaide)