Mark Hinchey was recommended to me by a friend in early 2013. This was to discuss my often difficult auto-immune condition, Psoriatic Arthritis. My main goal was to become well enough to give up my methotrexate medication (which I had been taking for approx 3 yrs ). Within a couple of months I was off my methotrexate, feeling fitter and healthier than I had felt in years, and have stayed that way ever since.


I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone with health problems or just wanting to improve their health/diet. He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and is constantly searching for new information on my condition. It was clear from my first visit that Mark really looks after his clients.


The program I have followed was not difficult or too expensive and I was not required to book a lot of appointments or under go a lot of expensive tests. Overall I could not be happier with the results achieved and would highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone.


S. Cooper (Newcastle)