My son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and, among other things, was in a deep dark depression for several years. We had done everything we could for him from a mainstream medical and psychological perspective, but things were getting worse rather than better. We were at our lowest ebb when I spotted an article posted by Mark about ASD on Facebook. At this point, my son was on a cocktail of medications, 4 times a day which, rather than improve things, seemed in fact to be having a negative effect. We needed to do something more.


Mark not only understood what was happening and why it was happening, he was able to offer a natural alternative as part of an integrated strategy that worked! Within just a few months our son’s anxiety had dramatically reduced and his depression was gone. One year later, our son is almost completely drug free and has been able to transition back into mainstream school. The darkness has lifted. He has his life back and our family has a chance.


I have recommended others to Mark who are facing similar health-related issues as us. He knows what he is doing and really cares about his clients. Mark isn’t there just to sell supplements, in fact, he prefers to help his clients achieve maximum health without these where possible. I like it that Mark is able to provide a scientific basis when explaining why things are the way they are, and what needs to change in order to achieve optimum health outcomes. We are so very grateful for all that Mark has done for our son and to be able to access his services close to home.


M. Phillips (Newcastle)