I thought I was a healthy and active 38 year old until I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) on 18th March 2013, and told by my Neurologist that the median life expectancy is 27 months from date of diagnosis. I was told that there is no effective treatment, and no cure. My wife and I were shattered, especially given that we have a 1 year old daughter.


After getting over the initial shock, my wife and I did some online research and came across Naturopath – Mark Hinchey. With an open mind we were hopeful that Mark, through his nutritional expertise and pre-existing research into MND, would be able to help treat my symptoms and stabilise my condition.


Ten months later I can say that my health is better than what it would have been had I not contacted Mark. I am optimistic about the future having taken control of my health, and I attribute much of that to Mark. Naturally, I thoroughly recommend Mark as the practitioner of choice for your health too!


James Cowling (Melbourne)

James Cowling, Melbourne