Patient Review

I thought I was a healthy and active 38 year old until I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) on 18th March 2013, and told by my Neurologist that the median life expectancy is 27 months from date of diagnosis. I was told that there is no effective treatment, and no cure. My wife and I were shattered, especially given that we have a 1 year old daughter.


After getting over the initial shock, my wife and I did some online research and came across Naturopath – Mark Hinchey. With an open mind we were hopeful that Mark, through his nutritional expertise and pre-existing research into MND, would be able to help treat my symptoms and stabilise my condition.


Ten months later I can say that my health is better than what it would have been had I not contacted Mark. I am optimistic about the future having taken control of my health, and I attribute much of that to Mark. Naturally, I thoroughly recommend Mark as the practitioner of choice for your health too!


James Cowling (Melbourne)

James Cowling, Melbourne

I visited Mark Hinchey with the aim of targeting various facets of nutrition pertaining to road bike training and racing, on and off the bike. Since adopting Mark’s plans it has finally taken the nutritional guess work away, and has proven to be beneficial to all my sporting performances, recovery and general health alike.


Greatly appreciated working with Mark with his professional approach to understanding my specific needs, his attention to detail and his patience in providing invaluable feedback and adjustments as necessary to deliver a quality result.


Avid Cyclist (Hunter Region, Naturopath Convert)

My name is Leah. I’m a 33 year old, mother of five. After my traumatic- fifth delivery, my health rapidly descended. That was when I discovered Mark Hinchey.
I had been having phone consults with Mark for the past 10-12months, and he had been treating me for Candida over-growth as well as adrenal-fatigue and other minor aliments.


I found his approach exceedingly thorough. He never continued to the next step or made final conclusions until he knew exactly what was going on in my body, using various blood analysis and biological testings. His knowledge and dedication for the health of others is outstanding.


I had much success with Marks treatments! They worked! I now have NO yeast over-growth, my energy levels are at least 70% better than before, and I have a better, more clearer understanding as to what is going on in my body and what to look out for in the future!


L. Perry (Gladstone, Queensland)