Patient Review

I had depression and hypertension and was taking medication for both. I was experiencing unpleasant side effects from the medications such as pain (especially headaches, back, shoulders, neck and foot pain), insomnia and lethargy. These side effects stopped me from exercising regularly and my cravings for unhealthy food was also contributing the lethargy and pain. I was hoping to deal with my health issues naturally and to stop taking the medications.


I am no longer on anti-depressants or blood pressure medication. Although I still suffer from depression, I have the knowledge to be able to identify when my depression is taking over and now know what I need to do to stabilise myself through mindfulness, exercise and most importantly nutrition.


Mark educated me on nutrition and how to eat to 1) feel better and reduce my pain, 2) lose weight and have more energy and 3) reduce my blood pressure and prepare my body for ceasing my medication. He never had unrealistic expectations of me and his enthusiasm, encouragement and support was extremely motivating. This was an enourmous achievement for me and I would never have got to this point without Mark's help. Thanks Mark 🙂


T. Wright (Adelaide)

I was in my recovery process of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), diagnosed by my medical practitioner. I had been suffering from CFS for approx. 2 years. I had started back training again and at the beginning of our consultation's I was exercising for approx. 3-4 hours per week, maximum. I came to see Mark, to make sure I was getting all my dietary needs. In my own mind I was eating a healthy diet, I had a diet better than most people I knew, and was avoiding all junk foods. At this stage I was not really seeking to increase my exercise regime. I was just wanting to fuel my body with the best foods possible.


With your help, and the help of several other health professionals whom you know, I was able to make a remarkable recovery from CFS. In less than 12 months from first seeing you, I was able to compete in two 70.3 Ironman races, and then also the Australian Ironman held in Port Macquarie. I was not only able to compete in this race but, I was able to push myself to a level that I had never been able to before. Your guidance, wisdom, professionalism and experience helped give me the confidence, strength and ‘all round good health’ to compete at a higher level. As you know, it was a remarkable turn around in such a short time. I am certain I would not have been able to achieve this without the guidance and assistance from you.


I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I meet. As you now know I have already recommended lots of people to see you. I believe everyone has a reason to meet with you (or someone with your experience and qualifications). Most people lead a busy lifestyle, and its impossible to get the most out of your body if you don’t fuel it with the right things. I like most people get mislead by clever marketing on foods. You certainly helped set me on the right course for eating wholesome, healthy nutritional foods, that made me feel allot better.


Your professionalism, care and dedications goes beyond what I consider normal. Some of the things that I liked about your advice, was that you educated me on the theory behind what I needed…..and then also gave practical ideas and tips on what I should buy. You are always happy to answer questions outside of our consultations, and never cared that sometimes I may ask the same question several times. Thanks for all your help – and I look forward to working with you more – to see what better sporting achievements I can achieve in the future.


B. Hall (Newcastle)

Mark Hinchey was recommended to me by a friend in early 2013. This was to discuss my often difficult auto-immune condition, Psoriatic Arthritis. My main goal was to become well enough to give up my methotrexate medication (which I had been taking for approx 3 yrs ). Within a couple of months I was off my methotrexate, feeling fitter and healthier than I had felt in years, and have stayed that way ever since.


I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone with health problems or just wanting to improve their health/diet. He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and is constantly searching for new information on my condition. It was clear from my first visit that Mark really looks after his clients.


The program I have followed was not difficult or too expensive and I was not required to book a lot of appointments or under go a lot of expensive tests. Overall I could not be happier with the results achieved and would highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone.


S. Cooper (Newcastle)

My son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and, among other things, was in a deep dark depression for several years. We had done everything we could for him from a mainstream medical and psychological perspective, but things were getting worse rather than better. We were at our lowest ebb when I spotted an article posted by Mark about ASD on Facebook. At this point, my son was on a cocktail of medications, 4 times a day which, rather than improve things, seemed in fact to be having a negative effect. We needed to do something more.


Mark not only understood what was happening and why it was happening, he was able to offer a natural alternative as part of an integrated strategy that worked! Within just a few months our son’s anxiety had dramatically reduced and his depression was gone. One year later, our son is almost completely drug free and has been able to transition back into mainstream school. The darkness has lifted. He has his life back and our family has a chance.


I have recommended others to Mark who are facing similar health-related issues as us. He knows what he is doing and really cares about his clients. Mark isn’t there just to sell supplements, in fact, he prefers to help his clients achieve maximum health without these where possible. I like it that Mark is able to provide a scientific basis when explaining why things are the way they are, and what needs to change in order to achieve optimum health outcomes. We are so very grateful for all that Mark has done for our son and to be able to access his services close to home.


M. Phillips (Newcastle)