Patient Review

Early 2015 I was diagnosed with a type of seronegative arthritis. In order to avoid medication, that would push me to cease breastfeeding my then 11 month baby, I decided to seek help from a naturopath.


Mark was suggested to me by a good friend. Since I started on the herbal formulation recommended by Mark, the swelling of my joints has not returned, and my pain is under control without the use of strong mainstream medication.


Mark's approach is fantastic. It is science based and simple. He has helped me to simplify my approach with my general health, cutting down excessive use of supplements and medication.


C.Bonetti (Newcastle)

I first met Mark Hinchey at an Autism Expo where he gave an amazing presentation on MTHFR and Autism. His professionalism, knowledge and clear approach was refreshing and inspired me to contact Mark for more information and to help us navigate the path to better health for our 3 year old son with Autism.


From Marks treatment of our son we have been continually amazed at the wonderful results and the progress that our son has made in 18 months. Underlying medical conditions were identified, supplements and individual formulations were organised, and in conjunction with dietary adjustments recommend by Mark we saw almost immediate changes in our son. We noted improvements in eating habits and over time his general health and weight gain. In addition we saw a reduction in our sons anxiety, improved behaviour and mood stability as well as more socialisation and awareness of his environment, and a boost in his use of language.


I cannot speak highly enough of Mark. He is highly professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly for me he has a friendly open manner which makes for easy, clear communication.


Mark helped us achieve big changes in our sons life and continues to help us refine our sons treatment and I confidently recommend Mark to anyone in need of naturopathic services.


K. Dore (Camden, NSW)

We have a son that has been diagnosed with a number of conditions and was medicated with dexamphetamine. His anxiety was our main concern and ability to regulate behaviour. Since seeing Mark our son has now stopped taking dexamphetamine. He is happier at school and is now more engaged in class. His behavior, self confidence and social interactions have also dramatically improved.


On our initial consultation, Mark engaged our son immediately by using his interests from the background information provided. We went to Mark with an open mind, never having been to a naturopath before, and he gave us many different options and information. We were also impressed that his information was backed by data. We are extremely pleased with the result.


M. Martin (Liverpool Plains)

At the age of 14, my son was diagnosed with OCD. The medical advice provided to us, was for my son to take prescribed drugs for the rest of his life.
Knowing the dangers and side effects associated with prescribed drugs, I was reluctant to go down the band aid path, which could create a bigger problem with time.


As a family we became devastated and helpless watching our son, abnormally anxious, emotionally distraught, and clearly turbulent, whilst entering a dark space in his life. In despair and desperate to find a solution to help our son, we were one week away from Christmas and knew all businesses were closing for the year. It was after closing business hours, I sent an email to Mark, (referred by a friend) and to my delight, I received a response. He reached out and became our life line before we even had met him. Just this action alone, I felt assured that someone genuinely listened and cared.
Nothing was too hard and no time was inconvenient.


After standard pathology - urine and bloods tests, Mark determined that our son had elevated Whole Blood Histamine levels and Pyrrole Disorder, which, at times, may not be tested for. Additional nutritional deficits were also revealed. We had no idea of the impact vitamin and mineral deficiencies played on psychological and neurological health. He was clouded with thoughts and unable to focus.


Mark looked at the whole picture first, before pinpointing what treatment plan was needed. He adjusted his diet (nutrition) and prescribed supplements tailored to the results of his pathology. After a few weeks of treatment, we could see huge improvements all round in our son. The treatment Mark prescribed enabled our son to get through his days so much better. Life for our family is so much better now. My son in ongoing with his condition, however the days are so much brighter and refreshing, and the anxiety has lifted. Mark has given him tools to help manage his condition.


Thank you Mark, your holistic approach, guidance and immense knowledge has not only improved my son’s health, but also the health of our family. You have educated, and enlightened us on the importance of good nutrition, and the effects it can have on your mind and body. I would (and do) highly recommend Mark, and evidenced based naturopathy, as a complementary therapy to support anybody facing challenges pertaining to a health issue. Mark knows what he is doing, and genuinely strives to achieve optimum health for his clients.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


S. Sedlak (Sydney)