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Are You Stressed?

This week I was challenged by one patient, as to why I had not written an article on stress. This being so, here it is. Stress is ubiquitous and universally pervasive, presenting a serious health and economic issue in modern societies. Exposure to stress often leads to impairments of physical and mental health or aggrevating pre-exisiting disorders....
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Should you Exercise when under Stress?

The majority of us understand the benefits of exercise and its relationship to stress coping. For over three decades, research has shown without criticism, that aerobic conditioning (30-60 minutes of light jogging) and recreational pursuits (unorganised game of football) strongly assist in helping individuals relieve their level of anxiety. However, in recent years, a new message has prevailed, not to counter-argue the foregoing,...
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Mauve Factor formerly known as Pyrrole Disorder

The biological origin of Mauve Factor is unknown. Over decades, serious consideration has been given to dietary sources and porphyrins such as heme (deep red, non protein, ferrous component of hemoglobin). It is now well understood that activated vitamin B6 in combination with Zinc piccolinate is usually sufficient in suppressing mauve factor to achieve an...
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