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Tapering for Competition

We are now heading into March, and this being the case, Newcastle is set to increase its sporting pursuits in the coming weeks, The Sparke Helmore Triathlon, National Rugby League and National Soccer League. In the lead up to competition, it is important that athletes cater their training to maximise their performance. One feature of training...
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Boswellia: The Anti-Inflammatory Herb for Chronic Sporting Injuries

Inflammation, basically anything that is red, hot, painful and swollen, is a reoccurring theme during weekend sporting competitions. Often the participant will use a pharmaceutical analgesic such as panadol, nurofen zavance or celebrex to ease pain and reduce inflammation. In situations where a participant experiences acute inflammation, the foregoing analgesic agents work rapidly in remedying this form of inflammation. However, in cases where inflammation becomes...
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Sports Performance and Vitamin Supplementation: Is it Necessary?

According to many researchers, athlete’s needs for vitamin's may be higher than the general population. The reason being, intense physical activity increases energy and oxygen demand. Of course, athlete’s needs will depend upon the type of sport, training intensity and environmental conditions that the athlete is to undertake or exposed too. Several studies have disputed as...
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