Treat diarrhoea with Zinc

There have been a number of studies showing the benefit of using zinc supplements to reduce the likelihood of developing diarrhoea. Ongoing use of zinc supplements can reduce diarrhoea, lead to shorter duration and speed recovery during episodes of diarrhoea. Zinc supplementation is now utilised in countries such as India, where persistent diarrhoea is a major public health concern. The introduction of zinc supplementation in India has reduced the likelihood of developing persistent diarrhoea by 25 percent.

Patel, A., Mamtani, M., Dibley, M.J., Badhoniya, N. & Kulkarni, H. 2010. Therapeutic value of zinc supplementation in acute and persistent diarrhoea: a systematic review. PLoS One, 5, 4, e10386.

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