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Insomnia is an important public health issue because it has a significant negative impact on individuals' physical and social performance, ability to work and quality of life. Insomnia is defined by difficulty falling asleep, difficulty remaining asleep, early morning awakening and/or non-restorative sleep, associated with daytime consequences. These can include complaints of fatigue, somatic symptoms...
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At the moment I have 4 clients who have been diagnosed by their Pain specialist with Fibromyalgia. For some of my patients, it has lead to an inability to complete even the most basic of physical demands, yet for others it has been less disabling. For this reason, it is important to understand that Fibromyaglia...
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Are you having trouble sleeping?

One of the most common questions I am asked in my clinic is 'can you please help me sleep?'. More often than not, my sleep deprived clients have difficultly falling off to sleep, experience frequent waking throughout the night, or wake in the early hours of the morning unable to return to sleep. For some clients, their insomnia...
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