How I Practice

I have two points of focus within my practice:

  • Educate patients using the latest, appropriate, research evidence
  • Limit the number of patient appointments with practitioner

I have worked in practices that employ a protocol-based approach to patient care, designed to encourage a practitioner-centred practice, with a heavy reliance on unnecessary supplementation. In short, you continue care until you finish the protocol recommended by the practitioner, whether necessary or otherwise. This approach does not work for me or the patients I work with. Instead, I employ a patient-centred approach, in conjunction with the latest research evidence, which supports:

  • Appropriate clinical decisions
  • Patient education
  • Reduces the length of care
  • Minimises the cost of care
  • Improves the overall quality of care

This intention I have practiced for the last 5 years, with a signficant improvement to patient satisfaction, and quality of care.  Naturopaths are not qualified to make an official diagnosis, and therefore, are appointed the role of educator. To educate patients on their health condition, and the interventions available to them, can effectively be achieved within a 60 minute appointment.

I believe that regular follow-up appointments are unnecessary.  Most follow-up appointments waste a patient's time and income, without advancing patient knowledge and care. It is my belief that a follow-up appointment is only necessary if further testing would demonstrate benefit to the patient, in line with best, appropriate research evidence. If a practitioner is unable to show evidence of this, it is difficult to warrant the need for follow-up.

Following an initial consultation, I provide all patients with a comprehensive report, consisting of key findings, best, appropriate interventions and the length of time an intervention can be applied in line with the research evidence. It is this report that deepens patient understanding, and can be used as a framework to support the health of a patient. Over the last 12 months I have been dedicated to writing reports that are easy to read, without compromising the research, and are detailed specific to the patient.

I do not sell any supplements, as this does not feel right for me. Instead, I work with local compounding pharmacists who customise your treatment, in accordance with the research evidence. I believe that if you are going to use a supplement, it should reflect the results outlined in the research. I do not receive any financial incentive from compounding pharmacists to practice in this way. It simply feels right for how I wish to practice.

I am grateful for my work, and I look forward to working with you.