A friend of mine referred me to Mark Hinchey regarding some concerns I had with my two young daughters. Mark was able to alleviate my 2 year old from having reoccurring ear infections through diet. I was so amazed that this could be fixed just through eliminating foods that were not suitable for her, at the time, which resulted in no grommets............which, according to the specialist was our option!! My daughter is now 4, and still hasn't had an ear infection since, and very few colds.

My other daughter had a reoccurring stomach ache, for a period of three years. We had her tested for coeliac disease through a specialist, however, when the result came back negative, the general practitioner said it was all in her head!!!!! Consequently, we saw Mark, and he suggested that a possible cause may be hyperpermeability. All my daughter required was supplementation of an amino acid formulation for 12 weeks -It worked, and she has never complained since!

I have recommended Mark to many of my friends and family, all have been amazed, and so grateful for what he has been able to do for them. Unfortunately, this has not been the case when visiting their normal GP!

K.Brownell Newcastle

I first started seeing Mark because I had started feeling excessively tired. This could occur at different times of the day but more regularly in the late afternoon. It was a though my energy levels were emptying out of my body.
Additionally my “spark” had left me, which was not a good feeling and one that I wasn’t prepared to accept as the new norm. Mark was an attentive listener during the appointments and explained the possible reasons for my state of health.He went through the options for improvement in a very systematic and easy to understand way and recommended slight changes to diet and suggested supplementation that would assist recovery.Since seeing Mark I am pleased to say that I have regained my “spark” and the unwanted tiredness is a thing of the past.I would recommend - and have recommended Mark to anyone who has felt their health is under par and also to those who have not been able to find any improvement through the traditional pharmaceutical route.

D. Sumner, Valentine

I decided to see a naturopath because my energy was at an all time low, and I was waking up
tired every morning, remaining tired and foggy headed throughout the day. I chose Mark because he was the closest, and he uses an evidence based approach to treatment. After seeing him and going through a clearly delivered investigative process, his first attempt at resolving my issues was hugely successful. I no longer wake up feeling as if I haven't slept, and my energy levels are recovering nicely. I would recommend Mark to anyone whose health or
energy is not what it should be.

R.H, Hunter Valley

Early 2015 I was diagnosed with a type of seronegative arthritis. In order to avoid medication, that would push me to cease breastfeeding my then 11 month baby, I decided to seek help from a naturopath.
Mark was suggested to me by a good friend. Since I started on the herbal formulation recommended by Mark, the swelling of my joints has not returned, and my pain is under control without the use of strong mainstream medication.
Mark's approach is fantastic. It is science based and simple. He has helped me to simplify my approach with my general health, cutting down excessive use of supplements and medication.

C.Bonetti (Newcastle)