Mark is a dynamic and passionate speaker with a special interest in Workplace Performance and Fatigue; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Affective Disorders, Addiction and Sports Performance. Mark has presented his work to the following:

Commonwealth bank

Peak Media Relations

New South Wales Swimming

Autism Family First

1. Why did you ask Mark to present to your group?

Our group is interested in all things health and well-being, my wife and I have both seen Mark progress into a fine professional, not to mention an all round caring and friendly guy! With these attributes in mind, Mark was a first choice, to ask, and to speak for our group.

2. What insights did the group gain from Mark's presentation?

This may be best summed up in feedback from one of our members who attended the talk.

'Mark's presentation was excellent - he speaks very clearly, in good plain English, and he was able to make a complex topic easy to understand. He traced the stages of addiction in a very professional manner by looking at the subject from two perspectives - both personal and as a practitioner' - Grahame K

3. Would you recommend Mark as a speaker to other groups?
Absolutely, Mark has wide depth of knowledge in his areas of expertise which he is able to share at a level everyone can take something away from.